Why should I choose Eelway?

Updated 11 months ago by Eelway

Customers usually look for a left luggage service when they arrive in Paris. However, it is always the same routine, you leave your bags at the drop-off point and you have to get it back at the same location.  

At Eelway, we offer a luggage transfer service, meaning that we offer to pick-up, transfer and deliver luggage. Customer satisfaction is important, but at Eelway, it's our priority.

We recruit professional concierges and carriers to take care of your luggage safely.

Beyond that we offer:

- An optimal service that corresponds to your needs and your expectations
- Collection and delivery of your luggage to the places and the times of your choice
- Automatic notifications in real time about the collection and delivery of your luggage
- An automatic insurance of your luggage covering the value of your luggage up to 1000 € 

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